Answer: HVAC Technician in Saskatchewan

Here is the answer to yesterday’s question we posted. The three most in demand soft skills for this position are:
-Attention to detail
-Team Player
Employers seek out reliable individuals for this type of job working with expensive equipment and sometimes sensitive parts involved. Especially when a worker is on their own and has to make important decisions on the fly.
Attention to detail is also very important. With so many different parts and systems, every little detail could be a sign of what the issue is with a particular buildings setup.
Team player is a big one. Some bigger jobs will take multiple employees all working together to finish the job in an efficient and safe manner.
Here’s the fly by video to see a sample of what it would be like to try out being an HVAC Technician. This is what job seekers coming to Work Prep Centre could expect to see trying one of our simulations!
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