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Answer: Mining Machine Operator 🚜

Yesterday we asked what is the most important soft skill employers consider when hiring for Equipment Operators? The answer: -Attention to detail!   Heavy equipment operators use this equipment in the construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, airports, gas and oil pipelines, tunnels, buildings and other structures. Also in surface mining and quarrying activities; and […]

Question: Robotic Welder Operator

Also more formally known as Machine Operators. In this position duties are operating machinery or equipment to fabricate complete products or parts for use in the assembly of electrical appliances and equipment, and electrical apparatus, such as batteries, fuses and plugs. Inspectors in this unit group inspect and test completed parts and production items. Which […]

Question: In demand soft skills as a Pipefitter?

Steamfitters and pipefitters lay out, assemble, fabricate, maintain, troubleshoot and repair piping systems carrying water, steam, chemicals and fuel in heating, cooling, lubricating and other process piping systems. Sprinkler system installers fabricate, install, test, maintain and repair water, foam, carbon dioxide and dry chemical sprinkler systems in buildings for fire protection purposes.   With that […]

Question: Largest employers of Process Operators in Saskatchewan.

Let’s talk about being a Process Operator in Saskatchewan.   In a nut shell, Petroleum, gas and chemical process operators monitor and operate petroleum, petrochemical and chemical plants and monitor, adjust and maintain processing units and equipment in these plants. They are employed by petroleum and natural gas processing, pipeline and petrochemical companies and industrial, […]

Answer: Mining Engineer in Saskatchewan

The answer to last Friday’s question: Mining engineers plan, design, organize and supervise the development of mines, mine facilities, systems and equipment; and prepare and supervise the extraction of metallic or non-metallic minerals and ores from underground or surface mines.   Further details of duties include: -Surveys and studies of ore, mineral or coal deposits […]