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by Carol Wiens, Labour Force Development Lead I’ve chosen a topic that for the most part is usually met with glazed over eyes, yawns, dropping of the head and perhaps a verbal response, Well hopefully this blog will be met with a bit of curiosity, a better understanding of how Labour Market Trends affect you […]

Determining your Career Goal: Using the Occupational Themes

By Diana Florence, Case Manager @ Regina Work Preparation Centre                 There are many factors to consider in determining your career goal such your interests, values, personality type, aptitudes and skills.  A theory developed by psychologist John Holland can be used to identify interests and help determine career options.  He proposed that people who choose […]

What Wolf do you feed?

What wolf do you feed? By Becky Wentzell CM “What wolf do you feed?”  is a powerful question to ask yourself, as you reflect on your life and are considering moving forward.    Each of us, at the Centre, was asked to take a month and write a blog for our website.  I have been feeding […]

Should You Put Your Street Address on Your Resume?

By Marla Bengert, CM   Resume trends come and go, if you don’t believe me check this out:   And this!     https://hopestreet.wordpress.com/2011/11/07/nov-13-1970-jobless/       All of the content in the resume above was perfectly acceptable to include at the time the resume was written.  The main reason for including all the content […]

Free will and First impressions

When I was first told I would be doing my practicum placement (internship) at Regina Work Prep, I had never heard of the place. I was filled with apprehension at the idea of working at a place that I knew nothing about. My first google search didn’t tell me much and I arrived for my […]