Canadian Red Cross Job Opportunity: Public Health Specialist

Work Prep’s partner, The Canadian Red Cross is looking for individuals to join their teams to support Canadians as they continue to respond to COVID-19.

Public Health Specialist:

Salary: Between $33/h and $40/h depending on the province

If you are wondering how you could contribute to the collective effort to support local communities across Canada during these uncertain times, look no more.

Because the Canadian Red Cross (CRC) is looking for Public Health experts to stay alert and be ready to travel on short notice across Canada for periods of several weeks in order to intervene in different domains (Epidemic Control, Public Health, IPC, Contact tracing, vaccination etc…). As a Public Health Advisor you would provide technical advice on Epidemic Prevention and Control (EPC) through infection, prevention and control measures and protocols, in order to provide a safe healthcare environment.

Given the nature of epidemic context, the intensity and types of activities may vary by rotation (preparedness, containment, mitigation phases) and demanding working conditions should be expected (physically and psychologically, notably for field positions). You may alternate between active response periods requesting long hours of work and the ability to work in a high risk, stressful and evolving situation, with limited resources and basic living conditions and non-active response period, supporting global health unit in planning work, training and quality assurance tools. Under the direction of the Team Leader you will work in collaboration with other CRC Partners, Emergency responders, staff, volunteers and local health abiding by all CRC Procedures and Protocols.

See the full job description and apply here:

If you are interested and would like assistance in applying for positions, please contact us today at or by coming into our Lorne and Evelyn Johnson Foundation Computer Resource Centre.

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