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Deadline to Apply:

May 11, 2020

How to Apply:

Resume Email and Cover letter outlining how you meet the expectations to

Regina Work Preparation Centre

Job Title: Group Facilitator

Job Purpose

The Group Facilitator will work collaboratively to deliver vocational services, including digital technology to ensure that group participants are able to gain the skills and experience to successfully participate in the labour market.  Group Facilitators are responsible for career related curriculum and assessments that assist job seekers to build skills and readiness across the employability dimensions through group based learning.  Group Facilitators are responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of group based programming and recommending new tools, technologies and resources for use in the classroom.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities



  • Commitment to work in a culture of change with a willingness to participate in continuous improvement
  • Work with all team members to achieve organizational mission, vision, mandate and strategic priorities.
  • Actively participate in organizational strategic visioning and planning.
  • Actively participate in organizational activities including community involvement, volunteering and/or resource development.
  • Represent and promote the organization in the community through community and employer partnerships, and participation in stakeholder meetings and working groups.
  • Utilizing program experience, knowledge and evaluation, identify gaps in service and present ideas for organizational growth to Program Manager.


  • Identify and work with Administrative Coordinator to order supplies needed for group programming within available financial resources.
  • Work with Case Managers to identify individual intervention needs that require financial support within available financial resources.
  • Understand and complete all financial documentation that support both participant and professional expenditures in a timely manner.

Professional Development:

  • Work with Team Lead and Director of Programs to identify, understand and monitor expectations, and strategies for successful outcomes.
  • Actively participate in organizational professional development opportunities and evaluations.
  • Stay current in organizational core modalities, practicing and integrating them into service delivery and team communication and support.

 Group Facilitation:

  • Develop group based, online and self-directed vocational services including research, curriculum development and study materials that meet contract objectives and outcomes.
  • Work collaboratively with fellow team members to coordinate access to interventions identified in individual action plans.
  • Provide group based employability services that support individuals in gaining current, relevant labour market information to support the development of suitable and relevant vocational goals.
  • Provide group based employability services that support individual acquisition of life and employability skills, and the development of self-marketing tools that are identified in individual action plans.
  • Provide group based employability services that support individual acquisition of job search skills and an understanding of job search navigation.
  • Work collaboratively with participants to support the achievement of interventions identified in mutually agreed upon, strength based action plans.
  • Gather information about individual motivation and readiness for change, strengths and assets, needs and challenges, interests and goals to inform ongoing assessment.
  • Understand and utilize available vocational assessments and be able to interpret results to inform participant assessments and action plans.
  • Research, understand and maintain knowledge of community resources and other support services available to participants from community partners and other agencies.

Reporting and Evaluation:


  • Ensure the effective, efficient and confidential collection, processing and reporting of quality program and case files, reports and information requirements.
  • Prepare for, and participate in regular activity monitors and evaluations with Team Lead and Director of Programs.
  • Work with Team Lead to evaluate the provision of programs and services for the purpose of learning, growth and development of yourself, your team, the program and the organization.
  • Understand and abide by organizational and governmental security regulations and protocols.


Areas of specialization/expertise


  • Each individual staff member will collaborate with Team Lead to identify areas of leadership, specialization and expertise within their own and others roles.


Knowledge, skills and abilities


  • Knowledge of adult education concepts.
  • Knowledge of employability skills material and facilitation techniques.
  • Ability to develop supportive working relationships with clients from various cultural, economic and social backgrounds
  • Ability to plan, organize and research
  • Knowledge of employment and educational programs, career counselling, counselling theory and practice and vocational assessments.
  • Knowledge of regional, provincial and global labour market needs and trends including the Future of Work.
  • Digital Literacy – Proficient in Microsoft office Suite, Internet and e-mail
  • Ability to develop marketing and learning content on a variety of social media platforms including: LinkedIn, Facebook, Websites, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills with exceptional attention to detail.



  • Undergraduate degree in adult education, social sciences or related field
  • Reality Therapy Certified or a commitment to pursue Certification.
  • Motivation Interviewing and Stages of Change Training or a commitment to pursue.

** While commitment to pursue will be considered, all individuals applying must be able to effectively demonstrate understanding of Motivational Interviewing, Stages of Change and Reality Therapy/Choice Theory and its application to career and employment services.


  • Group facilitation training
  • Computer Facilitation training
  • ColourSpectrums Facilitator training
  • Service Best Facilitator training



  • Minimum two years experience in career counselling and/or group facilitation, particularly in the human service sector and in community based organizations
  • Preference will be given to combined employment counselling and group facilitation experience.
  • Experience working with clients from various cultural, economic and social backgrounds


A combination of education and experience may be accepted.

Reporting: Team Lead

Salary: $47,497.00 annually.

Scheduled Day Off every three weeks, comprehensive benefit plan.

Apply: Apply by email to with a cover letter and resume by May 11, 2020.