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Deadline to Apply:

May 8, 2020

How to Apply:

Resume Email and Cover letter outlining how you meet the expectations to

Regina Work Preparation Centre

Job Title: Team Lead

Job Purpose

Team Leads will work collaboratively with the professional team to coordinate the delivery of vocational services that play a critical role in supporting participants to successfully participate in the labour market.  The Team Lead will be responsible for program design, delivery and evaluation; participation in budget development and monitoring; staff recruitment, supervision, development and evaluation with oversight; establishing and maintaining partnerships with other organizations; case management; community development activities; and participation as part of the management team, acting as a liaison between management and direct service providers.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Work with Director of Programs to:
    • Actively participate in organizational strategic visioning and planning.
    • Understand, practice and integrate the organizational vision, mission, mandate and strategic priorities in all areas of responsibilities.
    • Identify and address any challenges, risks or issues that will affect service delivery and programming.
    • Complete all reporting accurately and within timelines.
    • Utilize program results and evaluations to identify gaps and changing needs
    • Represent and promote the organization and programs in the community through community engagement and partnerships.


  • Work with Director of Programs to gain a working knowledge of the program budget.
  • Identify financial needs for service delivery and bring to the attention of the Director of Programs, working as a team to address.
  • Identify any financial systems or processes in need of improvement that would increase effectiveness and minimize risk.
  • Work with the professional team to identify participant cost needs and maximize program resources.
  • Oversee the management of participant costs to ensure the effective and compliant use of funding, following proper financial documentation and protocols with oversight from Director of Programs and Financial Coordinator.
  • Oversee and approve leave usage in collaboration with other Team Leads with oversight from the Director of Programs.

Professional Development

  • Stay current in and model organizational core modalities, practicing and integrating them into service delivery and team communication and coaching.
  • Actively participate in organizational professional development opportunities and evaluations.
  • Model continuous learning and identify skills sets and competencies required to achieve contractual deliverables and outcomes for now and in the future.
  • Work with Director of Programs to reduce skill gaps, building the team’s capacity to be leaders in their field of expertise.

Team Development/Human Resources:

  • Assist the Director of Programs with the recruitment, assessment and hiring of new staff.
  • Work with the Leadership Team to implement a consistent onboarding, orientation and training model for new staff.
  • Complete all performance monitoring and evaluation metrics with oversight from the Director of Programs.
  • Utilize performance review and accountability measures, working with staff to recognize skills and knowledge and address challenges for ongoing growth and development.
  • Clearly define expectations and achievement of personal and professional growth, fostering a work environment where leaders take the time to coach, tutor, provide feedback and have discussions to achieve expectations.
  • Coordination of team and scheduling of services, delegating tasks and setting deadlines for your team.
  • Support autonomy and sound decision making within your team, recognizing value and supporting innovation and initiative.
  • Drive innovation to address gaps in services and present ideas and opportunities to the Director of Programs for discussion.
  • Coordinate and manage initial stages of project evaluation.

 Case Management:

  • Gather information about individual motivation and readiness for change, strengths and assets, needs and challenges, interests and goals to inform intake and assessment.
  • Understand and utilize available vocational assessments and be able to interpret results to inform participant assessments and action plans.
  • Work collaboratively with participants to develop, implement and monitor progress of mutually agreed upon, strength based action plans.
  • Work collaboratively with fellow team members to coordinate access to interventions identified in individual action plans.
  • Provide client centered case management services that support individuals in gaining current, relevant labour market information to support the development of suitable and relevant vocational goals.
  • Provide client centered case management services that support the acquisition of life and employability skills, and the development of self marketing tools that are identified in individual action plans.
  • Provide client centered case management services that support the acquisition of job search skills and an understanding of job search navigation.
  • Integrate e-learning, video communications and online tools and resources to service delivery.
  • Research, understand and maintain knowledge of community resources and other support services available to participants from community partners and other agencies.

 Program Development and Delivery

  • Facilitate the development of new program ideas in collaboration with all team members to respond to identified needs of clients, partners and funders.
  • Collaborate with the Director of Programs to:
    • Support grant writing and reporting.
    • Direct program and service delivery activities to ensure program excellence through sound evidence based, outcome measured key deliverables to position Work Prep as a leader regionally and provincially.
    • Cultivate existing relationships with community partners, referral agents, schools and networks with the goal of strengthening referral processes inbound and outbound and promoting Work Prep and its programs and services.
    • Develop regular, consistent client feedback surveys, and other evaluation tools to ensure that Work Prep remains on top of changing demographics and needs and is able to respond.

Reporting and Evaluation:

  • Interact with the team to maintain a consistent understanding of project deliverables and outcomes.
  • Ensure the compliance of reporting requirements for all contract and grants; work with the Director of Programs to improve reporting tools; and ensure timely accurate reports and communications to funders.
  • Coach and mentor staff to ensure the effective, efficient and confidential collection, processing and reporting of quality program files, reports and information requirements, through:
    • Activity monitors and evaluation.
    • Database content oversight and evaluation.


Core Competencies:

 Strong leadership skills, embodying the characteristics of a transformational leader with a focus on and expertise in a collaborative working environment.

  •  Internal motivation and self-management: Internal motivation is the driving force to effectively lead the team in the direction of the organization.
  • Ability to make difficult decisions: Engaging in the tough conversations and aligning difficult decisions with the organizations vision, values, goals and objectives.
  • Self-Regulation: Lead with emotional and social intelligence to encourage the best input from others and to build capacity for the success of the team and organization.
  • Risk-taking: Gather information and perspectives from trusted and diverse sources to evaluate gut instincts and inform decisions. Take calculated and appropriate risks to support change and growth that align with the vision of the organization.
  • Willingness to listen to new ideas: Growth and success is a team effort. As a leader create intentional opportunities to listen and incorporate insights and new ideas.
  • Adaptability: Seek new ways to adapt and respond to changing needs with an open mind as a life-long learner.
  • Inspirational: Model inspiration and create opportunities for others to rise to the occasion by understanding their values, respecting and treating them as individuals with unique talents and skills.


Knowledge, skills and abilities

  •  Demonstrated ability to coach individuals and teams, finding common values and goals to empower them to elevate their accountability and performance.
  • Knowledge of employment and educational programs, career counselling, counselling theory and practice and vocational assessments.
  • Knowledge of regional, provincial and global labour market needs and trends including the Future of Work.
  • Digital Literacy – Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, Internet and e-mail
  • Experience with cloud based client data management systems
  • Ability to develop marketing and learning content on a variety of social media platforms including: LinkedIn, Facebook, Websites, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills with exceptional attention to detail.



  • Undergraduate degree in social work, social sciences or related field
  • Reality Therapy Certified or a commitment to pursue Certification.
  • Motivation Interviewing and Stages of Change Training or a commitment to pursue.

** While commitment to pursue will be considered, all individuals applying must be able to effectively demonstrate understanding of Motivational Interviewing, Stages of Change and Reality Therapy/Choice Theory and its application to career and employment services.


  • Experience in career and employment services, particularly in the human service sector and in community based organizations.
  • Previous experience working with the individuals who face barriers to successful participation in the labour market, youth, and/or individuals who have been involved in the provincial and federal justice system.
  • Supervisory experience in a not for profit setting would be an asset.


A combination of education and experience may be accepted.

Reporting: Director of Programs

Salary: $63,173 annually

Scheduled Day Off every three weeks, comprehensive benefit plan.