YWCA Regina Job Opportunity: Director of Kinship & Program Development – Women’s Housing

The YWCA Regina exists to support all women and families in the realization of their full potential to benefit the community as a whole. They work to ensure that:
– Women and families are safe, secure, and free from gender-based violence.
– They have access to safe, affordable and stable housing.
– They are empowered and supported in accessing tools to navigate social systems to advance their wellness, and are thriving, respected and valued throughout the process.
– The community benefits from the full and equal inclusion and advancement of women and families because their experiences and perspectives are built into the foundation of society.

Under the supervision of the Senior Director of Women’s Housing, and in collaboration with the YWCA Women’s Housing Leadership team, this position will have full depth knowledge of services. This position is responsible for the smooth, trauma-informed delivery of supports to the women and children using our services, and for being a resource and support for the hard-working staff of professionals.

For more information, please find a full job description below:

Director of Kinship & Program Development- Women’s Housing Job Description Jan 2021

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