Ehrica Tanner – Success Story

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Impact Story – Ehrica Tanner

“Regina Work Preparation Centre has been my favorite place to go” says Ehrica, a young mother of two who had been looking for work since August 2017.  According to Sask Trends Monitor, employment in Saskatchewan declined by 0.2% in 2017, the second-worst performance among the provinces and the second year in a row with an employment drop while employment increased in 8 out of 10 other provinces.  Frustrated by a lack of progress in her job search and employers not calling her back, Ehrica inquired about the Youth Employment Readiness Project (YERP) at Work Prep. 

“I had been wishing to be in a better place for quite some time.  I wanted to be more independent and make my own money instead of relying on social assistance. “ Ehrica knew that to gain her independence and find a family sustaining meaningful job she needed to work on her employability skills.  YERP helped her to do just that.  Ehrica learned how to specialize her cover letters and resumes for the job she was applying for, she worked on her interview skills and learned more about herself and how she could work through her challenges to finding employment. 

Through her hard work and determination, Ehrica secured employment and was recently awarded with employee of the quarter.  She has now been able to obtain her driver’s license and a vehicle, moving her forward in her goals to create a better life for her family. “My motivation is my kids, they need to see me as a role model.  I want to work hard so they can grow up and have the things I never had.”

Ehrica is already looking to the future and how to continue moving forward in employment, including pursuing the possibility of post-secondary education.  “I will always remember to keep making goals in my journey of life.  I will never give up now that I know I am not the only one who struggles with change.  Change is good, change means you’re growing to become a stronger person.”  

Many young people like Ehrica in our community have dreams and hopes for their future.  With a little support and assistance in their goals, they can move forward and reach their potential.