Regina Work Prep’s first 2024 hiring event! – Featuring Rona, Employment Network and Clare Parker Homes

We were honoured to host 332 eager job seekers for our first hiring event of 2024, featuring industry giants Rona, Employment Network, and Clare Parker Homes. The atmosphere was electric, filled with the promise of new beginnings

Guided by the dedicated team at Regina Work Prep, job seekers were provided with support, from resume assistance to printing services, ensuring each attendee felt equipped for success.

The biggest highlight of the day was the sense of accomplishment radiating from every participant who left their mark on employers’ tables. Each handshake held the promise of a brighter future, especially for newcomers seeking a fresh start. With around 80% of attendees being immigrants, the event became a celebration of diversity and determination.

Regina Work Prep pledges to continue creating pathways to success for all who seek them. Join us for the next chapter in our journey—you won’t want to miss it!