A young man from the second intake of the Youth Employment Readiness Project can be spotted at the end of the workday rollerblading home from work. Jacob Saunders is an E-Learning Specialist with Melcher Studios. Jacob came into Work Prep and found out about the Youth Employment Readiness Program. As a YERP participant, Jacob learned how to wield the tools necessary to become confident in his job search, in particular the interview process. After a successful work placement, Jacob found himself in a great position for extended employment at Melcher Studios. His passion for learning helped him focus his attention and lit a passion for the work he does. In talking with Melcher Studios, they indicate that they saw a passion for learning in Jacob. Jacob’s ability to adapt to the fast paced environment and learn Melcher Media Software has been great for their organization.

Jacob is proud of his job and the independence that he has achieved. He appreciates the ability to keep the lines of communication open with staff at RWPC. RWPC is his family and it has helped his self-confidence and self-esteem in a positive way.  Jacob is currently building his own E-Learning courses about Reconnecting with the Earth and the History of the Titanic. The most admirable quality that Jacob recognizes in Work Prep is that the atmosphere is great!  A year later and Jacob is still in contact with staff who have provided a great support structure, just like family.