Services for All Ages

Services for All Ages

Employment Pathways

Over the course of our 40+ years in this industry, Work Prep has delivered specialized career and employment services for individuals who face multiple personal and systemic barriers to employment. Through this program, we assist residents in Regina to successfully prepare for and participate in the labour market.

This program focuses on strengthening and connecting individual job seekers to sustainable employment, education and training in support of current labour market needs.

You would benefit from this program if:

  • You are 16 years of age or older and face challenges to obtaining employment, have never worked before or haven’t been able to maintain a job.
  • You are currently unemployed and underemployed (less than 20 hours per week) and struggle to connect to or stay at a job for a longer period of time.
  • You are an urban First Nation or Metis individual seeking work,
  • You are transitioning to Regina from reserve to pursue employment or education opportunities;
  • You need to develop or improve your life and employability skills to meet the demands of the current job market;
  • You are currently at risk of leaving training, education or employment
  • You are an employer facing a labour shortage.

Work Prep is a proud partner of the Ministry of Immigration and Career Training, who provides the funding to deliver this program.

Job Launch Program

For over ten years, Job Launch has delivered an offender employment program that assists job seekers to obtain sustainable employment. To support the delivery of these workforce development services, Job Launch collaborates with a multi-disciplinary team that includes the Ministry of Immigration and Career Training- Career Services Branch, The Ministry of Justice – Corrections and Policing, Regina Community Training Residence, Regina Provincial Correctional Centre, Paul Dojack Centre, The Ministry of Social Services, Oskana Centre, Adult Probation Services and Drug Treatment Court.

Clients may also access services on a walk-in basis or be referred from community agencies.

The Job Launch program provides responsive and individualized employment services to individuals sixteen (16) years or older, who have current/previous involvement with the criminal justice system within the last twelve (12) months, and interested in seeking employment and/or education and training opportunities. This flexible service delivery model includes:

  • Meeting a client where they are at in the employment journey,
  • Delivering innovative career exploration for individuals entering or returning to the workforce
  • Providing resources and supports for life and employability skill development
  • Increasing digital skills and providing access to technology for navigating the online job search process
  • Identifying transferable skills and building strength-based marketing tools and networks to connect individuals with employers looking to fill their recruitment needs

Work Prep is a proud partner of the Ministry of Immigration and Career Training who provides the funding to deliver this program.

Labour Market Access

Work Prep maintains their knowledge of labour market trends and industry needs to better serve our clients. This includes providing information and opportunities for individuals to access education and training to better meet the skill requirement and skill gaps in the current labour market.

Work placements, job matching, direct hires, employer presentations, job fairs, informational interviews and volunteer opportunities all provide valuable opportunities to connect with employers and increase participants’ access to employment opportunities.

This expertise along, with strong employer partnerships provide Work Prep with the tools to effectively build and support the Saskatchewan workforce, one person at a time.