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Services for All Ages

At Work Prep, we meet individuals where they are at, and offer several pathways that individuals may choose to assist them in moving forward with their employment goals.

Whether you’ve never worked before, would like to get back to work after involvement with the justice system, have roadblocks in your way to reaching your employment goals, are re-entering the workforce as an older worker, or simply need a hand improving the effectiveness of your resume and cover letter, we can support you with the tools and training to reach your goals.

With you leading the way; together, we’ll explore your goals, determine your needs and the services that are best suited to support you in increasing your skills, building new and existing strengths and addressing any challenges you see that might get in the way.  This plan will serve as a map to show your progress, successes and any need for changes and exploration of new opportunities on your journey to employment.

Services for Youth

Work Prep has been delivering youth programming since 2011, and through this programming we work to assist youth on their employment journey by creating a customized experience based on their individual needs.

If you are between the ages of 15-30, are looking for work and need assistance in obtaining a job or exploring what career path you want to pursue, we can help.

Skill Development

Work Prep offers a variety of vocational services that support job seekers to gain the skills and experience to successfully participate in the labour market.  Job Seekers are able to build skills that support their employment goals; including career related assessments, e-learning, digital literacy skills and much more.

If you are looking for work and need to complete some upskilling to improve your employment opportunities, or help you to retain the next job, these services are for you.

Group Based Employment Training

Through Group Training, Work Prep supports individuals to build the knowledge and skills required to ready them for work and/or education and training programs.   Our staff will work with you on life and employability skill development, while tailoring activities, guest speakers and certificate training to the specific needs of the group and current labour market needs.

What’s in it for you?:

  • Support to work through your roadblocks to employment.
  • The opportunity to gain knowledge and skills across six Employability Dimensions, including: job readiness, career decision making, skills enhancement, job search, job maintenance, and career growth.
  • The opportunity to discover and develop unique talents and interests with the skills to market them for personal and professional growth.
  • Development of self marketing tools for ongoing career growth and development.
  • Connection to and the support of other job seekers in a similar situation.
  • Connection to community services that support job retention and positive self and family management.
  • Increased connections to available jobs and increased access to employment opportunities.