A small mystery that is worth the journey!

Do you need to apply for a job? Not sure where to start?

How about doing up your resume?

Sort through your previous work experience, starting with your most recent and working back for the last 10 years or the last 3 jobs?

Relevancy is also important to consider when remembering your work history. If a job is relevant to your present employment goals, then absolutely include it.

What if a job is in a different industry than that you are applying for?

Consider the skills you developed that could be used to demonstrate a knowledge of a different industry while creating a new perspective on the job.

Keeping a tally on the job specific skills that the job posting asks for and using your keen language skills to tailor your resume to the posting in a way that shines the light on your application.

Check out the resume template link down below and create your resume by following along.

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