Welcome to Work Prep

Welcome to Work Prep, and thank you for visiting.

We are so thrilled to roll out our new, updated website and use it as a tool to continue telling the Work Prep story.  Please take a look around and get to know us better.

If you take a minute to look through our pages, you will get to see about our 40+ year history, our Work Prep Spirit, our team, our partners and our current services available to individuals in, or transitioning to the Regina community.  We are here to support you, whether you are on your journey to employment, a community agency supporting individuals, or an employer looking for employees.

Why is a community based, charitable, not-for-profit who assists individuals in their journey to employment important?

There are many reasons that individuals work each day or desire work as a goal for their future.  Consider some of these things:

    • Does it, or could it give you purpose? Confidence? Knowledge and experience?
    • Does it, or could it provide your family with financial stability?  What does that look like for you?
      • Does that look like a stable roof over your head?  
      • Food on the table for your kids?  
      • The ability to register them in sports? Building their confidence and ability to work with others?
      • What about stress? If you’re financially stable your stress levels are certainly lower.  Could that clear up your mind to help your kids with their homework at night? Or read a story at bedtime? Or maybe it might allow you to take the time to work on reaching your personal goals?
    • Does work, or could work give you the ability to participate in your community?  Give back? Maybe that looks like volunteering or donating, or simply going to the library, or being a part of our city and the many wonderful activities there are.

We Can Help

Our dedicated, professionally trained staff are here to support this journey to employment with no cost to individuals accessing the services thanks to our funders.  

Work Prep has been around for over 40 years, assisting over 20,000 individuals during this time.  While we feel that we are a staple in the community, we often hear that we are not well known to the general public.  In an effort to improve this, we will be posting regular blog posts each month, with each one of our team members contributing to share their knowledge, expertise and thoughts on their work.

We are looking forward to sharing a little of us, with each of you, every month.  

My small piece of advice or wisdom to share today is:

“Finding your passion in your career should be a lifelong goal; don’t be afraid to take small steps or opportunities to get there and be willing to accept change.  Sometimes, passions might change or adjust as you grow and learn more about who you are, don’t let that scare you away from continuing this journey.  As you work towards this lifelong goal, remember that sometimes finding the most fulfilling things in life take time, experience and lots of lessons, try not to get frustrated along the way. “

I was fortunate to find my passion in Work Prep, early in my career when I least expected it.  The team at Work Prep—my colleagues—helped me (and still do) to grow and learn how I could truly love what I do every day while supporting my family, and working towards my personal goals. Hopefully, we can share this with you.