Writing an Amazing Cover Letter…

I hope it doesn’t sound like a daunting task!

It is an introduction of yourself and your sales pitch for your unique skill set! Do some research. Make mention of the company’s stance on environmental issues or their social responsibilities that coincide with your own perspective. Pique their interest. Don’t be afraid to use their language.  Prepare to dazzle them with your polite professionalism.!

It gives your resume an added sense of personality. When you write a custom letter, you make the person reading the letter feel important.  Finding the contact person shows initiative, especially if it is not included with the job posting.

Finally, always proof read your cover letter. Two or three new sets of eyes looking at your letter will ensure that your letter is polished!

Feeling uncertain? Don’t hesitate to check out the template below that gives you space by space and paragraph by paragraph instructions on how to create your cover letter.

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