On Being Enough

Michelle Kot, Job Launch

This one is dedicated to all those in the helping professions, whether you were deemed essential and still are going to your place of work or are trying to work from home your life and work has changed in what seemed overnight and may never go back to what it was.  As I talk with different colleagues, different community members and even friends or family I hear a sigh followed by a pause when I ask how they are doing.  Every individual is questioning if they are doing enough for the individuals that they are trying to help.  I know that all of us helpers have always felt they could do more, and now especially if you are working from home, you may feel that you are on you’re a life preserver barely staying above water.

With most of us trying to make sense of what is happening in the world we have been challenged with the what and the how of how we reach people that we are trying to help.  I have seen and heard so much strength and resilience in these past few weeks, it really makes my heart burst with pride to be part of this community.  This doesn’t make it any easier though, for some of us we worked very hard to be able to separate our work and home life and that is now very muddy waters.  Helpers always brought their work home, its hard not to some days but it was easier to leave work at work and be able to be present in your home life.  I know for me these days I have to shut everything down and get out of my house, hit the reset buttons so that I can try to find some balance, always easier said then done.

Whatever your routine is right now, don’t put too much judgment on yourself and how you are coping.  You are enough, you’re doing enough. Find what is working for you continue moving forward, be gentle with yourself.  As always we are here to talk if you are one of the lucky ones who has found some clarity and want to move forward with an employment plan or what some of your options may be. For those reading this, thank you for your continued dedication to our community and make sure you make some space for happy.